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Dogecoin is based on the doge meme character.  Dogecoin gained in popularity very fast, because of its uniqueness in concept and marketing. Dogecoin was created by IBM software engineer Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer. Dogecoin (“Doge”) is a highly efficient digital money backed by Litecoin, another crypto currency. Dogecoin was launched on 6 December 2013 by… Continue reading DogeCoin

The legality of Cryptocurrencies in various countries

There are a number of cryptosystems in existence today, each one having its own legal status. This isn’t a very surprising development considering how innovative and new this technology is. Lots of people may be surprised to learn that the legality of cryptosystems doesn’t solely lie about the technical aspects but also on the legal… Continue reading The legality of Cryptocurrencies in various countries

Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a trading protocol or computer program which is intended to automatically perform, regulate or record legally relevant activities and events as per the terms of an agreement or contract. It may be used in the same way as software that performs similar tasks. However, smart contracts aim at replacing human participants,… Continue reading Smart Contracts

The Advantages of Blockchain technology

As a new investor in the realm of cryptocurrency, you could be wondering what blockchain is. The fundamental of blockchain technology is a community of linked to one another networks, computers, or servers that share info. This information is known as “blockchain” due to its distinctive structure. Comparing to the usual method of recording information,… Continue reading The Advantages of Blockchain technology

Why are cryptocurrencies so popular nowadays?

Why Cryptocurrencies are so popular nowadays is because it simplifies the issue of cash move in a brand new way. Unlike traditional financial systems, digital monies are immune to fraud and hacking. Therefore, you can make sure that any information that you send won’t be misused. Additionally, because of the higher efficiency of blockchains, there… Continue reading Why are cryptocurrencies so popular nowadays?

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